Welcome to gthurgood.com! This site is presenting one side of George Thurgood's music - you can call it jazz piano, spilling into pop and classical. George is working out of Toronto, teaching at the Royal Conservatory, playing, writing, and living. Listen to some short exerpts on the Music page - more will be added. The new CD by George Thurgood and saxophonist Bruce Redstone is now available through CDbaby.com! http://cdbaby.com/cd/brgt or, click on Links For engagements click on the Contact button. A demo CD is available through this website - click Contact and send an email. If you have questions or comments, click the Guestbook button. Two Thurgood piano pieces listed in the Royal Conservatory Syllabus (Grade 8) are available through this website. Click on News for more information. For more music on ReverbNation, click on Links.